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Constituents Celebrate Barbara Comstock’s 1,000th Day without a Town Hall

Today marks Representative Barbara Comstock’s 1,000th day in office without holding a single public town hall. The disgraceful streak has only increased the pressure from her constituents, a group of whom went to Capitol Hill today to mark the occasion. The constituents, led by the grassroots group Dump Comstock, handed out “Dump Comstock” stickers and buttons outside the Capitol South metro station during the morning commute next to a billboard truck. They then delivered a cake to Comstock’s Capitol Hill office frosted with the words “Congratulations, 1,000 days without a town hall!” Comstock’s office rejected the cake, so the constituents served it to passersby in a House cafeteria.

“When Representative Barbara Comstock began her shameful streak of refusing to hold town halls, Hamilton had not yet premiered on Broadway, same-sex marriage was not yet legal across America, and of course Comstock’s favorite photo op pal Donald Trump had not yet announced his candidacy for president,” said DCCC Spokesperson Jacob Peters. “Comstock can hide in elevators, duck behind closed doors, run away during parades, and refuse to ever hold a single town hall, but she can’t avoid voters at the ballot box next November.”

Here is a list of questions that constituents from the Virginia Tenth Congressional District may ask Representative Comstock if she ever cared to hold a public town hall: 

  • Why has she voted with Paul Ryan more than 95% of the time?
  • Why does she support a tax cut plan that eliminates a deduction that has benefitted more than half of her constituents?
  • Why won’t she support a solution to protect DREAMers?
  • Why does she refuse to comment on Donald Trump sabotaging of the Affordable Care Act that will drive up healthcare costs for her constituents?
  • What took so long?

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