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Cook Political Report: Schroder “poses a serious threat” to embattled Chabot

Cook Political Report recently released a new analysis of Ohio’ 1st Congressional District race where they laid out Schroder’s “credible path to victory.”

Specifically citing Schroder’s deep roots in the district and her health care background as well as Congressman Chabot’s failure to deliver results, 2008 election loss, and the Grand Jury investigation into his campaign, the report concludes that Kate Schroder “poses a serious threat” to Steve Chabot.

Check out key excerpts of the analysis here:

…Trump carried the seat by just 51 percent to 45 percent in 2016, and given the current national environment, [Schroder] has a credible path to victory.

In our interview, Schroder was poised, upbeat and clear about the task at hand while still free-wheeling and without falling on talking points. She’ll talk about her work on the health board addressing health disparities and expanding dental services for kids, while Chabot has opposed expanding Obamacare. She’s also a cancer survivor herself, having been declared free of Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 38.

…Schroder will cast Chabot as ineffective for failing to secure funding to replace the failing Brent Spence Bridge after 24 years in office, and irresponsible for letting his campaign treasurer embezzle over $120,000 in campaign funds (a federal grand jury investigation has been underway since 2019).


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