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Cooper Courier: “Republican Outreach Offices Are Still Closed”

What do a Cricket Wireless and a construction site have in common? They both stand where the RNC briefly had “outreach” centers for Latinos in Phoenix and Tucson.

DCCC Spokesperson José Muñoz:
“The RNC hasn’t met a Latino ‘outreach’ center of theirs they didn’t want to close. Two centers they opened for just a few months in Phoenix and Tucson are the latest victims of Republicans’ indifference towards meaningful and sustained outreach to Latinos.”

Copper Courier: Gallego, Biden engage Arizona Latinos in person while Republican outreach offices are still closed  
Camaron Stevenson | May 14, 2024

  • After spending an entire year promoting its Hispanic Community Centers as a way to build a long-term oasis for disgruntled Latino voters, financial records from the Federal Elections Commission show that the Arizona centers were open for only a few months in the fall of 2022.

  • Republican leaders began to promote the centers as early as September 2021—and as recently as March 2024, Republican National Committee Chair Laura Trump claimed the outreach centers were still operational.

  • The Copper Courier confirmed that neither the Republican Hispanic Community Center in south Phoenix or Tucson is open—and, in fact, neither has been leased since the week before the November 2022 General Election.

  • State Rep. Teresa Martinez and US Rep. Juan Ciscomani, who both promoted the opening of the community centers in 2022, did not respond to questions concerning their closures.

  • Latinos make up one-third of Arizona’s population, and make up a quarter of the state’s registered voters—a voting bloc Republicans have vocally been eager to win over, although their efforts appear to be more smoke and mirrors than tangible results.

  • But, while Democrats are utilizing boxing gyms and restaurants as avenues to meet Latino voters where they are within their communities, Republican spaces hailed as a way to elicit similar outreach appears to be virtually nonexistent.


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