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Corrupt Carlos Has “No” Concerns about President Trump’s Reckless Visit to Miami Today

Today, as President Trump descends on Miami after a series of reckless actions that left him and countless others vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, he will be welcomed with open arms by his ally Corrupt Carlos Giménez. Asked recently if he has concerns about the public health implications of the president coming to Miami following a coronavirus diagnosis, Giménez said “no.”

As a reminder, the last time Trump visited the region, Giménez eagerly welcomed him on the tarmac despite Trump’s failure to wear a county-mandated mask.

As of today, 3,500 people in Miami-Dade County have tragically lost their battles with COVID-19, yet Giménez has “no problem” at all with the president’s failed pandemic response.

“Carlos Giménez has consistently put politics over protecting the people of Miami-Dade from the coronavirus, and his warm welcome of President Trump in Miami today is no exception,” said DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “President Trump has proven that he will flout basic safety guidelines and make himself and others more vulnerable to this deadly virus. Instead of keeping people safe, Carlos Giménez is rolling out the red carpet for President Trump yet again. How on earth can South Florida voters expect Giménez to represent their interests in Congress if he won’t even ask Trump to wear a mask?”



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