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#CORRUPTCONGRESS WATCH: Price’s Shady Stock Trades on Full Display in Today’s Hearing

As CNN aptly put it today, Congressman Tom Price’s shaky nomination is yet again riddled with “more red flags” – this time for failing to disclose late taxes and misrepresenting the value of stock holdings as part of a deal that is being scrutinized as potential insider trading. The Washington Post also dug into his ethics issues yesterday, saying that the “HHS nominee’s mix of investments, donations, legislation keeps raising questions”.

The scandalized Price has already been facing what looks like textbook pay-to-pay politics. As CNN reported last week, Price invested directly in a medical device company less than a week before he introduced legislation that would help pad the profits of the company, and therefore line his own pockets. Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported on the hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare stocks that Price bought while advocating legislation that could affect those companies’ profits.

Price’s potentially illegal – and certainly unethical – behavior further taints this Republican-led #CorruptCongress and has put Congressman Chris Collins’ “stock tipsin the cross-hairs. As was harshly criticized at the time and in Price’s hearing today, the House Republicans’ first priority of the 115th Congress was to gut the only independent House watchdog, making it clear that they are focused on building a wall between their shady dealings and special interest favors, and the American people. Unfortunately for Republicans, Price’s and Collins’ stock scandals are not likely to go away anytime soon.

“The Republican-led Congress is off to a dubious start, from potentially illegal stock dealings between Republican members, to secret efforts to gut the independent House ethics watchdog, to repeated refusals to investigate President Trump’s conflicts of interests,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “The American people deserve an immediate bipartisan investigation to ensure that Price and Collins did not break any laws or violate any ethics rules.”

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