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As Critical Homeland Security Funding Comes To a Vote, DCCC Launches Call Campaign Targeting Congresswoman McSally

A similar release went out to 28 other vulnerable Republicans.

As the Republican led Congress has appeared to finally schedule a long overdue vote to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this morning launched a calling campaign so voters can tell Congresswoman Martha McSally how important this vote is.

For weeks, House Republicans have failed to pass a clean, long-term DHS funding bill despite reports of new and dangerous threats to our nation’s security.

“Republicans like Congresswoman McSally have allowed this dysfunction to go on long enough,” said DCCC spokesperson Matt Thornton. “With threats at home and abroad, the American people can’t afford another day of the Republicans’ political games and continued failure to govern. Since Republicans have such a bad track record, we wanted to ensure that voters would hold their members accountable.”

A transcript of the automated calls follows:

“This is [PERSON] calling from the DCCC. An alarming new report says that known terrorists are trying to sneak across the border, yet the Republican led Congress is refusing to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security. With so many threats at home and abroad, the Republicans in Congress should not be playing games with our national security.

“Call Congresswoman McSally at XXX-XXX-XXXX and tell her enough is enough. Stop playing politics and fully fund the Department of Homeland Security.”

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