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Culberson Faces Test He’s Not Prepared to Pass

The verdict is in — after more than 20 years in DC, Congressman Culberson has fully submerged himself in the Washington swamp. Want proof? Culberson fell in-line with Washington Republican leadership to pass their healthcare repeal bill that would spike thousands of his own constituents’ out of pocket costs while simultaneously ripping away protections for people living with pre-existing conditions.

Not only is Culberson failing to work in the best interests of the community he’s supposed to be representing, but he’s about to face the toughest challenge of his political career. More than a year out from the election and Culberson is already being out-raised by his Democratic challengers.


Some Texas Republicans in Congress again outraised by challengers | Texas Tribune
By Abby Livingston and Patrick Svitek

After Democratic challengers outraised four Texas Republicans in Congress earlier this year, some Republicans recaptured fundraising momentum in the third quarter – but not all of them.


Culberson is one of two Republicans in Congress from Texas – the other is Sessions – drawing high interest from Democrats because Democrat Hillary Clinton carried these two districts last fall, even as Republican Donald Trump won the state by 9 points.

Culberson was again outraised by two Democratic challengers, Alex Triantaphyllis and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher. Culberson posted a $177,000 haul, while Triantaphyllis drew $217,000 and Fletcher $185,000.

The two Democrats not only raised more than the incumbent during the period, but they also emerged from the quarter with larger war chests. Culberson had $389,000 in the bank, while Triantaphyllis had $536,000 — the most of any Democratic congressional challenger in the state — and Fletcher $403,000.


Seven Houston Dems scramble in money chase targeting GOP Cong. John Culberson | Houston Chronicle
By Kevin Diaz

A scramble among Houston-area Democrats to take on incumbent Republican Congressman John Culberson has produced a flurry of nearly $2 million in campaign fundraising. Culberson, in his ninth term, has faced few tight races in Congress. But the changing demographics of a district that went to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race has rekindled the interest of Democrats, who see a shot at flipping a traditionally Republican seat once represented by President George H.W. Bush.


The two top Democrats have surpassed the $388,910 Culberson now has in the bank, a surprising advantage for challengers, given the normal fundraising advantage of congressional incumbents.


Texas Democrats smell blood in the water for 2018 | The Hill
By Mark P. Jones


Looking to 2018 Democrats have firmly set their eyes on two additional Republican districts where Hillary Clinton received more votes than Donald Trump in 2016: the 7th Congressional District (Houston) and the 32nd Congressional District (Dallas).


Culberson will face his most competitive general election ever to defend his seat in the 7th. Lining up to do battle in the March Democratic Primary is a quartet of very credible candidates (along with two others). Two will advance to a May 22 runoff (unless one wins a majority of the vote on March 6, which is extremely unlikely).

Every one of the four top-tier candidates has a realistic chance to make the runoff: Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, Laura Moser, Alex Triantaphyllis and James Westin. All are first-time candidates, but successful professionals in their respective fields. Combined, the four have raised $1.9 million, ranging from a low of $251,000 (Westin) to a high of $667,000 (Triantaphyllis).

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