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Cuts To Healthcare STILL The Core of Washington Republican Agenda

After losing a historic 40 seats in the 2018 midterms, Washington Republicans are doubling down on the deeply unpopular cuts to healthcare they ran on last cycle… and lost.

Not only would the Republican budget bring over $2.3 trillion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, it confirms that repealing our current healthcare system is still Republican doctrine in Washington.

In response to yet another Republican budget that would be disastrous for everyday Americans, DCCC Spokesperson Cole Leiter released the following statement:

“Washington Republicans have put their values on full display with the budget they submitted today. From reckless cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, to reckless cuts to our healthcare system, Republicans are, once again, recklessly endangering the best interests of everyday Americans, while they hand out goodies to their special interest backers.”

Additionally, if you need comment on whether this approach is a political winner, please reach out to the following former Members of Congress:

  • Virginia’s 2nd: Former Representative Scott Taylor
  • Virginia’s 7th:  Former Representative Dave Brat
  • Virginia’s 10th:  Former Representative Barbara Comstock
  • Florida’s 26th: Former Representative Carlos Curbelo
  • New Jersey’s 3rd: Former Representative Tom MacArthur
  • New Jersey’s 7th: Former Representative Leonard Lance
  • New York’s 11th: Former Representative Dan Donovan
  • New York’s 22nd: Former Representative Claudia Tenney
  • New York’s 19th: Former Representative John Faso
  • Minnesota’s 2nd: Former Representative Jason Lewis
  • Minnesota’s 3rd: Former Representative Erik Paulsen
  • Kansas’ 3rd: Former Representative Kevin Yoder
  • Colorado’s 6th: Former Representative Mike Coffman
  • Texas’ 7th: Former Representative John Culberson
  • Texas’ 32nd: Former Representative Pete Sessions
  • Oklahoma’s 5th: Former Representative Steve Russell
  • Iowa’s 1st: Former Representative Rod Blum
  • Iowa’s 3rd: Former Representative David Young
  • Illinois’ 14th: Former Representative Randy Hultgren
  • Illinois’ 6: Former Representative Peter Roskam
  • Georgia’s 6th: Former Representative Karen Handel
  • Maine’s 2nd: Former Representative Bruce Poliquin
  • Pennsylvania’s 17: Former Representative Keith Rothfus
  • South Carolina’s 1st: Former Representative Mark Sanford
  • Michigan’s 8th: Former Representative Mike Bishop
  • California’s 10th: Former Representative Jeff Denham
  • Calfornia’s 21st: Former Representative David Valadao
  • California’s 25th: Former Representative Steve Knight
  • California’s 45th: Former Representative Mimi Walters
  • California’s 48th: Former Representative Dana Rohrabacher
  • Utah’s 4th: Former Representative Mia Love

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