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Dark Money Group Buys IN-05 Primary for Spartz

Club for Growth Spent More Than $500,000 Pushing Spartz Through Crowded, Messy Primary

Victoria Spartz’s emergence from last week’s clown car primary shouldn’t come as a surprise given how much one dark money group spent to boost her and attack her opponents. Club for Growth spent more than half a million in the primary, with one Republican operative noting that “they’ve bought the race” for Spartz.

From Importantville:

“Club for Growth PAC—the Washington, D.C.-based fiscal conservative group helmed by former Hoosier Congressman David McIntosh—has spent an eyebrow-raising $380,113 on Indiana’s 5th District primary, according to pre-primary filings with the Federal Election Commission [as of May 22]. That’s more than any single Republican in the race has raised—not including personal loans.

‘They’ve bought the race,’ one Republican operative told me this week.

The outfit, which supports State Sen. Victoria Spartz, has used the money through May 19 to launch negative spots and mailers primarily targeting former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and nurse Beth Henderson—a move that has Republican political operatives frustrated, and asking questions about why the group would become so involved in an open Republican primary.”

“Hoosiers are right to wonder whether Spartz is running to represent their interests or those of the dark money group which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars pushing her through a crowded primary,” said DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice. “Between the mysterious nature of her business dealings, to her disavowing of government subsidies unless she personally benefits, it’s unclear who Spartz is running to represent… but it’s clearly not Hoosiers.”


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