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Dark Money Group Tied to Drug Manufacturers Spending Millions on Disproven Lie

AAN, with Deep Ties to Drug Manufacturers, Runs Air Cover for Washington Republicans’ Votes Against Cheaper Prescription Drugs

Reminder: Those Drug Manufacturers Pocketed $42 Billion in Tax Handouts from the Republican Tax Scam

Washington Republicans’ special interest friends are back again to provide them badly needed air cover, and they couldn’t even make it a full 30-seconds without spouting a widely disproven lie that earned a “Mostly False” from Politifact.

This time it’s American Action Network spending millions to defend Republicans’ votes against a bipartisan bill that would save a family of four approximately $1,920 per year, and save the American people $480 billion. Not surprisingly, American Action Network is heavily funded by drug manufacturers, with Inside Health Policy reporting drug manufacturers “funneled several million dollars through the group in 2016 and 2017,” a close relationship that goes back every election cycle to 2011.

And yes, if you were wondering if these ads are being financed by the drug manufacturers who pocketed over $42 billion in tax handouts written to them by the same Washington Republicans they’re now on TV defending, I think we both know the answer.

It’s no surprise that Republicans drug manufacturers are bailing out their Republican allies on this issue. The majority of Americans trust Democrats over Republicans to make prescription drugs affordable. And Americans overwhelmingly support Democrats’ plan to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

DCCC spokesperson Robyn Patterson released the following statement:

“Washington Republicans voted against a commonsense, bipartisan bill that would lower drug costs and save an everyday, working family of four approximately $1,920 per year. Now a dark money group funded by the same drug manufacturers who pocketed over $42 billion in tax handouts that Washington Republicans wrote for them are spending millions to spread widely disproven lies. That’s how Republicans think Washington should work and it’s exactly what Democrats in Congress are fighting to change.”

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