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Dave Brat’s Budget Deal with Paul Ryan Would Make Eric Cantor Proud

Rep. Dave Brat has gone full Washington by making a deal with Speaker Paul Ryan to blow up the deficit by giving tax cuts to big corporations. Brat’s first campaign for Congress focused on reducing the debt and deficit, yet he agreed to pass a budget that will raise the deficit by $1.5 trillion in order to pave the way for Paul Ryan’s tax plan that gives breaks to corporations and raises taxes on some working families in Brat’s district.

“There is no better evidence of self-styled outsider and deficit hawk Rep. Dave Brat embracing the Washington Republican establishment than his deal to support Speaker Paul Ryan’s deficit-busting budget and tax cuts for big corporations,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “This is the kind of back room Washington Republican scheming to benefit special interests at the expense of the middle class that would make Eric Cantor proud.”

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