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Does David Jolly Support Hillary Clinton?


But by watching Washington Republican David Jolly’s latest heartfelt video one would think he took a courageous step to outright reject his party’s standard-bearer.

However, this is not the case. Washington Republican David Jolly continues to leave the door open on his Trump support with less than 2 months before the election. Instead of making his intentions clear, Jolly continues to play rhetorical games by saying he has not “yet” endorsed Trump and reiterating that if the election “were held today,” he would not support Trump.

“Washington Republican David Jolly gets no credit for criticizing Donald Trump if he continues to leave the door open to support his party’s reckless nominee,” said Jermaine House of the DCCC.  “Washington Republican David Jolly continues to put party over country by playing rhetorical games and refusing to be clear with the people of Pinellas County on his plan to support Donald Trump for President.”


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