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David Schweikert’s Desperate Backtrack On IVF

As horrific stories of people in Alabama now scrabbling to salvage their IVF treatments continue to come out, David Schweikert is trying to hide his own extreme record.

He knows that he co-sponsored legislation that would have jeopardized access to IVF nationwide, but to cover his tracks, Schweikert put out a statement saying he supports IVF treatment – completely lying about his record on this issue.

The Schweikert-backed Life At Conception Act would impose similar restrictions on IVF and fertility treatments as last week’s Alabama Supreme Court ruling.

As a result of the Alabama ruling, at least three clinics in Alabama paused IVF treatment and women are being forced to travel out-of-state to get health care.

Let’s not forget that Schweikert’s bill also bans abortion nationwide and he does not support exceptions in cases of rape or incest. The bill also bans certain types of birth control such as IUDs.

DCCC Spokesperson Lauryn Fanguen:
“Arizonans know that what we’re seeing in Alabama is exactly what Schweikert wanted nationwide. If Schweikert’s dangerous bill was the law of the land, women across the country trying to start families would have fewer options and resources to help all because of Schweikert’s extremism.”


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