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David Valadao’s Empty DACA Promises Mean Nothing when the Future of DACA is in Jeopardy

No one is safe under President Trump’s Administration, and yesterday U.S Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly reaffirmed this notion when he told House Democrats that DACA was in “serious jeopardy.”  Representative David Valadao likes to claim that he supports DREAMers. As of matter of fact, he likes to pride himself as strong supporter:

“As for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Valadao said he supports the executive order that grants young immigrants a renewable two-year work permit and halts their deportation. But he said immigration reform is necessary so such residents won’t have to rely on temporary action that could change under the next president.” [Fresno Bee, 10/04/14]

But in the 7 months of this new Congress, Valadao has done the bare minimum to protect law-abiding immigrants, like the DREAMers he keeps promising to protect, from President Trump’s mass deportation force.

“David Valadao’s empty promises of fighting for DREAMers and their families mean absolutely nothing when President Trump’s Administration continues to expand its cruel and heartless mass deportation force,” said Javier Gamboa of the DCCC. “House Republicans are in the majority and have made it clear that they would rather follow President Trump’s anti-immigrant lead than to do what’s right for our country. Make no mistake – during the midterm elections, California voters will chose a true leader who will finally stand up to Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and will pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”


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