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DC Establishment Republicans: Anybody But Jason Lewis

NRCC Undercuts Tea Party “Frontrunner” Jason Lewis in MN-02

Oof. MN-02 congressional candidate and Tea Party “frontrunner,” former talk radio host Jason Lewis, got the cold shoulder from DC establishment Republicans today when retiring Congressman John Kline formally endorsed Lewis’s primary opponent, Darlene Miller.

Jason Lewis – lovingly dubbed “Minnesota’s Mr. Right” by the Tea Party – has been getting headlines for all the wrong reasons, following a spate of off-color comments incredibly demeaning to women, LGBT people, and African Americans.

Lewis has also declared without hesitation that in Congress, he’ll join the House Freedom Caucus, which consistently votes against the establishment’s pick for Speaker of the House. So it’s no wonder Kline is willing to turn a blind eye to Darlene Miller’s history of lying to and physically hiding from the press about accepting stimulus funding for her company. The NRCC’s strategy is clearly “anyone but Lewis.”

“When it comes to Minnesota’s 2nd District, even a flawed candidate who lies about accepting stimulus funds is preferable to the DC establishment than a Tea Party wild card,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC. “Republicans are clearly trying the Trump-Rubio playbook in MN02, thinking that the DC establishment can swoop in and undercut a frontrunner, and it’s likely to have similarly embarrassing results.”


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