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DCCC Again Breaks Fundraising Records, Posting Best Ever Off-Year September and Third Quarter

DCCC Raises Record-Breaking $35.8 Million In Q3, Bests NRCC’s Third Quarter By More Than $10 million

Thanks to fired-up Democratic donors, the DCCC will once again report a record-breaking fundraising haul. DCCC had it’s best off-year September, raising nearly $14.5 million. Powered by months of early fundraising success, the DCCC recorded its best off-year third quarter in committee history, with nearly $35.8 million raised. The DCCC’s totals beat the NRCC’s weaker September and third quarter fundraising.

“We’re winning on fundraising because our supporters know just how dangerous it would be for the country if Republicans were in charge. The stakes are high and we believe voters will reject their dangerous vision for America, which is about pushing junk science while Americans die despite access to life-saving vaccines, openly attacking our elections, and allowing women’s rights to be rolled away,” said DCCC Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “House Democrats and Speaker Pelosi have stood firm in our fight building a more prosperous and inclusive nation and American voters see that.”

At the end of the third quarter, the DCCC heads into the last quarter of the off-year debt free with nearly $63 million cash on hand, $26 million more than the DCCC held at this point in 2019.


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