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DCCC Announces “Cycle of Engagement” – an Aggressive and Sustained Effort to Connect with People of Color and Young Voters

Building on the Success of 2018, Cycle of Engagement is the House Democrats’ Strategy to Earn Every Vote and Take Nothing for Granted from these key constituencies


Today, DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos formally announced the Cycle of Engagement – the largest early investment House Democrats have ever made to improve the way we’re connecting with the base of our Democratic Party – especially people of color and younger Americans. Following through on a promise to expand upon 2018’s Year of Engagement, and inspired by her own work recruiting and training diverse voices to run for office, the DCCC’s Cycle of Engagement program began with a major early investment in grassroots organizers across America and has continued with targeted digital ads holding Republicans accountable.

“Several years ago, I launched a candidate boot camp that focused primarily on electing women, people of color and younger Americans because our strength as Democrats has always come from our diversity,” said DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos. “We can’t take anything for granted in 2020; we need to work to earn every vote one conversation at a time. That’s why one of my first decisions as DCCC Chair was to put boots on the ground in dozens of communities across America.

“We know that having the support of people of color and young Americans is more important than ever. We are launching Cycle of Engagement to make sure their voices are both listened to and reflected in our strategy to fortify and expand the most diverse House Majority in our nation’s history.”

What is The DCCC’s Cycle of Engagement?

Cycle of Engagement is the DCCC’s multi-year strategy to make sure we earn the support of two of our key constituencies — people of color and younger Americans — early and turn them out to vote for Democrats for Congress. With the stakes this high in 2020, we know we can’t take anything for granted, that’s why we’ve launched our Cycle of Engagement in the off-year.

  • Boots on the ground: In March, the DCCC launched its first Cycle of Engagement program, March Forward – our first major field initiative that has placed nearly 60 grassroots organizers in targeted communities across America. Our March Forward Field Managers are building on and expanding the conversation Democrats had with these vital communities in 2018 through early voter registration drives, Republican accountability projects, digital outreach and traditional grassroots organizing.
  • Research and Data: We will be making significant early Cycle of Engagement investments in polling, focus groups and other research projects to make sure the work of the Democratic Party is responsive to the hopes, dreams and concerns of communities of color and younger Americans.
  • Paid Media aimed at People of Color and Younger Americans: We will invest in extensive targeted paid media, including digital, radio, mail, texting and mobile outreach programs that are in development at the DCCC. The Cycle of Engagement’s digital program is already in full swing with the launch of multiple Spanish language ads holding vulnerable Republican Reps. Scott Tipton and Will Hurd accountable.
  • Utilizing the talent of Minority Staff and Vendors to lead the Cycle of Engagement: In a recognition of the importance of this work, Tayhlor Coleman, a veteran of the DCCC and Texas native, will serve as the DCCC’s first ever Director of the Cycle of Engagement. To ensure that the messenger matches the message, our work will be created primarily by political consultants of color.


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