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DCCC Announces Six-Figure Ad Calling Out April Becker’s Extremism

AAPI voters will know that Susie Lee – not April Becker – has their back

Today, the DCCC announced a six-figure digital ad buy as part of its outreach to AAPI voters across Nevada’s Third Congressional District. The ad will stress the stakes of this election to AAPI voters, calling out extreme GOP candidate April Becker for her far-right, dangerous stances on everything from hate crimes to abortion.

Watch the ad HERE

You might not have heard a lot about Republican candidate April Becker.

And there’s a reason for that:

When it comes to standing up against AAPI hate crimes – she’s been silent.

When it comes to fighting for Asian small businesses – she’s been silent.

But when it comes to our right to make decisions about our own bodies – her position is clear:

April Becker is staunchly anti-choice and SUPPORTS the dangerous decision to ban a woman’s right to decide her own health care.

She’s endorsed by some of the most fringe anti-choice groups in the country.

Nevadans deserve leaders who look out for our communities.

Leaders who will protect our families.

DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:
“April Becker has not only failed to stand up for southern Nevada’s AAPI community, she’s pushed dangerous policies and is backed by far-right, anti-choice extremists. We will continue to call out her extremism and make the choice clear to AAPI voters this November.”


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