The DCCC brand: more than a new logo

I’m incredibly proud to work at the DCCC.

The work the committee is doing this cycle is strategic and multi-faceted. And my tireless colleagues are executing it — working weekends and staying on the phone with campaigns all hours of the night — because they want to build a better America for everyone who calls it home.

We’re seizing the unique opportunities of this moment to build the largest battlefield we’ve ever had: Currently standing at over 100 districts, it makes up nearly a quarter of the country. We’re investing in our field program in unprecedented ways; directly after President Trump was inaugurated, we launched organizers in 20 Republican-held districts, and we now have people building partnerships and connecting with folks on the ground in 46 districts. We’re running the largest digital program in our history because we know getting out the vote in 2018 can’t rely on outdated tools.

The candidates we’re proud to support across the country are passionate, talented people running to change America for the better. They’re veterans, business owners, community leaders and experts in their fields — and many are running for office for the first time. They’re diverse in every way — race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, personality, age, and political views — just like our country and our party. But they all share one common goal: securing a Democratic House majority. And we’re helping them construct the teams, fundraising operations, field programs, communications strategies, and digital infrastructure they need to run successful campaigns.

We’re striving to work in tandem not just with campaigns but with activists, concerned citizens, and groups doing work on many issues in many different locations — over 1,000 such groups so far. With their help, we’re building tools and programs to make campaigns smarter, more efficient, and more effective, and we’re connecting people who want to take action with people who can put that energy to use.

We’re modern. We’re strategic. We’re collaborators. Our work is our brand.

Our new logo tells the story of the modern DCCC. It’s a tool that reflects the work we’re doing, the partnerships we’re building, and the mission we’ve set out for ourselves as an organization. Its thick lines, in different lengths and shades of blue, represent our Democratic leaders who come from different places and backgrounds, with many different ideas about how to address the challenges facing our nation. The lines unite to form a D because we’re proud to be Democrats, and it evokes the floor layout of the House of Representatives. Its shape has forward momentum because we’re the party working to move our country forward.

The logo reflects our role in electing Democrats to the House. We partner with people on the ground, from near and far, with vastly different ideas about how to address our nation’s challenges. We bring them into harmony, onto the same path, to work together to effect change.

The logo is paired with a modern, bold, condensed typeface that spells out our name, simply. It’s web-friendly, utilitarian, and unapologetic. We are here to do a job. We are serious about the work of winning seats for Democrats.

On to November.

Kate Conway
Creative Director


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