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DCCC Chair Ben Ray Luján Statement on House Republicans Passing Indefensible Repeal & Ripoff Bill

In response to House Republicans passing their morally bankrupt and politically disastrous repeal bill, DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján released the following statement:

“House Republicans just voted to increase your health insurance premiums and deductibles, toss 24 million Americans off of their insurance, and to slap you with an age tax if you’re age 50 to 64 – and they robbed Medicare while doing it. If that’s not bad enough, House Republicans also voted to let health insurance companies charge you more if you have a preexisting condition. That means if you, your kids, or your parents are sick with cancer, diabetes or any other illness, insurance will not be affordable.

“There is no question that this bill will cause incredible pain for hardworking Americans, particularly those fighting to make ends meet. Make no mistake about it: every single House Republican bears the responsibility for this heartless legislation, and the passage of this bill will haunt them through Election Day.”

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