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DCCC Chair Luján Releases Historic Cybersecurity Pledge To Not Use Stolen Hacked Materials– NRCC Refuses to Sign

DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján today released a historic written pledge related to cybersecurity and campaigns, including a vow to not use stolen hacked materials for political gain in the November elections. The DCCC spent three months negotiating in good faith with the NRCC, yet they have pulled out of any potential deal and refused to sign this same written pledge.

“This is not about Democrats, Republicans, or political parties, this is about what’s good for America and securing our elections. The DCCC has been clear from day one that we will not use stolen hacked materials for political gain, and we now release this strong written pledge to reaffirm that crucial commitment,” said DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján.

Luján continued, “We have negotiated with the NRCC in good faith in an effort to release this pledge jointly, but the time for delays and excuses has run out. This commitment is important to our democracy, I’m proud to sign it, and it is my hope that the NRCC will ultimately change course and commit to this same pledge.”

DCCC Cybersecurity Pledge:The DCCC agrees and affirms:

  • Protection of S. campaigns from outside interference is paramount and must be reflected in the operations of political committees.
  • The political efforts carried out by committees must be executed with the best interest of preserving and strengthening American
  • The nefarious use of technology presents an undeniable threat to S. political campaigns.
  • American campaigns are a target for foreign adversaries and the committee will work, to the best of our ability, to protect the campaigns we serve.
  • The DCCC recognizes the primary and lead role of States and Counties in conducting elections and ensuring their integrity, and encourages the federal government to help local election officials fortify those efforts.

The DCCC hereby pledges:

  • The committee will not participate, aide, or encourage hackers or foreign actors in any attempt to influence American elections.
  • The committee will never seek out stolen hacked information for use in any operations.
  • The committee will never use known stolen hacked information, or promote or disseminate stolen hacked materials to the press, regardless of the source.
  • Any foreign actors attempting to participate, operate, influence, or contact the committee or any of our campaigns will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement
  • The committee calls on the chief election officers in all states to ensure the most robust fortification and protection of elections systems leading up to, and during, the 2018 Midterm


DCCC Chair Ben Ray Luján

Link to signed pledge available HERE

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