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DCCC Chair Maloney Announces Senior Leadership Roles for 2022 Election Cycle

Chairman Maloney announces slate of Members to help lead DCCC effort to expand House majority in 2022

Today, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney announced the latest slate of House Democrats who will serve in leadership roles at the DCCC throughout the 2022 election cycle.

The DCCC’s Member-led Leadership Team, who represent the diversity of the House Democratic Caucus, will be integral to the DCCC’s mission of protecting the Democratic House Majority as well as strengthening our operation going into the midterms.

“I’m thrilled to announce my colleagues who have answered the call to serve in even greater capacities to elect more Democrats to the House. With their diverse array of backgrounds and experiences, we are on an even stronger footing to recruit candidates, build powerful campaigns, and deliver for the American people,” said DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney. “I’m excited to work alongside each of them in this fight secure our Democratic House Majority.”

DCCC 2022 Leadership Team 

  • Vice Chair for Latino Engagement: Representative Linda Sánchez
  • Vice Chair for Strategy: Representative Marc Veasey
  • Regional Vice Chairs: Representatives Angie Craig, Scott Peters, and David Trone
  • Frontline Chair:  Representative Ami Bera
  • Frontline Co-Chairs: Representatives Steven Horsford and Jennifer Wexton
  • Recruitment Chair: Representative Marc Veasey
  • Recruitment Co-Chairs: Representatives Sara Jacobs, Joe Neguse, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  • Organizing Chair: Representative Jamie Raskin
  • National Finance Chair: Representative Don Beyer
  • National Battleground Finance Chair: Representative Adam Schiff
  • Winning With Women of Color Chair: Representative Barbara Lee
  • Labor Council Co-Chairs: Representatives Donald Norcross and Bobby Scott

Tribal Engagement & Active Members (TEAM) Co-Chairs: Representatives Sharice Davids, Dan Kildee, Gwen Moore, and Raul Ruiz, M.D

Chairman Maloney announced the first slate of members serving in DCCC leadership roles in December, which included Representative Marc Veasey as DCCC Vice Chair for Strategy, Representative Linda Sánchez as Vice Chair of Latino Engagement, and Representative Ami Bera as the Chair of the DCCC’s incumbent-protection Frontline program.

DCCC’s Member-Led Leadership Team released the following statements:  

Rep. Angie Craig (MN-02) – Regional Vice Chair 

“Democrats are going into the 2022 midterms united around recovering from the pandemic and growing jobs and the economy across the country and region. Thanks to Chairman Maloney’s leadership, we’re going to make sure each region across the battlefield understands that House Democrats are working to govern effectively for the American people. I’m excited to get to work and highlight the work our caucus is doing throughout my region.”

Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) – Regional Vice Chair 

“House Democrats are laser focused on delivering real relief for American families, workers and small businesses. I’m eager to help Chairman Maloney lead the DCCC’s efforts going into 2022 as a Regional Vice Chair.”

Rep. David Trone (MD-06) – Regional Vice Chair 

“Chairman Maloney has brought together a team that’s ready to hit the ground running to protect our House majority. I’m eager to work alongside the Chairman as a Regional Vice Chair to make sure our local communities are engaged and ready to turn out at the polls in these midterms.”

Rep. Steven Horsford (NV-04) – Frontline Co-Chair 

“It’s more important than ever for Democrats in Congress to keep delivering for the American people, and Chairman Maloney understands how important our Frontline seats are to doing that work. I’m looking forward to working both with him and our incredible Frontliners to protect our House majority so we can keep delivering real relief to our communities.”

Rep. Jennifer Wexton (VA-10) – Frontline Co-Chair 

“In the last midterm elections, our nation saw so many talented Democrats flip seats across the country from red to blue, and it’s critical we protect their seats going into 2022. I’m ready to get to work with Chairman Maloney and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Frontliners to help them win re-election so we can continue building on the success our Democratic House majority has achieved.”

Rep. Marc Veasey (TX-33) – Recruitment Chair 

“The Democratic party has no shortage of intelligent and compassionate public servants who are ready to run for Congress and join House Democrats in our fight for the people. I’m excited to work with Chairman Maloney and serve as a leader in our efforts to recruit strong candidates across the battlefield and expand our House majority.”

Rep. Sara Jacobs (CA-53) – Recruitment Co-Chair 

“There are so many Democrats, from coast to coast, who are ready to answer the call to service and help us grow our House majority. Under Chairman Maloney’s leadership, the DCCC is well equipped to recruit and support these incredible candidates, and I’m proud to help lead our team in this crucial area.”

Rep. Joe Neguse (CO-02) – Recruitment Co-Chair 

“The American people voted for Democrats to lead in the House, Senate, and White House this past election cycle, so we know voters are eager to see Democrats across the country elected and start working for them. I’m thrilled to see Chairman Maloney put together this team that’s dedicated to recruiting even more Democrats to join our caucus so we can continue fighting for the American people.”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) – Recruitment Co-Chair 

“It’s critical that Democrats are recruiting a diverse and talented slate of candidates to take on vulnerable Republicans in 2022. I’m committed to helping Chairman Maloney and the DCCC succeed in our efforts to partner with exciting Democratic candidates across the country and deliver an even stronger House majority in the next Congress.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-08) – Organizing Chair 

“The Democrats are the party of the vast majority of Americans and it’s our historic assignment in the DCCC to organize this majority into powerfully successful voting coalitions in all 50 states. Organizing is the only way we can counter and overcome the GOP’s manipulation of gerrymandering, dark money, and tactics of voter suppression and disenfranchisement to entrench their minority rule. I know Chairman Maloney and the whole DCCC team are ready to safely get our organizers back in the field to work face-to-face with local activists, organizers, and leaders in communities all over the country. We will defend and expand our House majority on the ground through grassroots infrastructure and organizing.”

Rep. Don Beyer (VA-08) – National Finance Chair 

“In 2020, millions of American voters made clear that they’re ready for Democrats to deliver real change to the country. From providing COVID relief to expanding access to affordable healthcare access and voting rights, Democrats all across the nation are fighting to improve the lives of everyday Americans. I’m honored to work with Chairman Maloney in my fourth-term in this role helping our finance efforts and making sure our caucus members have the necessary tools to succeed next November.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-28) – National Battleground Finance Chair 

“With legislative wins like the American Rescue Plan helping our economy bounce back, Democrats have proven we’re not going to let Republicans stand in the way of delivering big results for the American people. I look forward to working alongside Chairman Maloney and Speaker Pelosi to make sure our Frontliners and most promising challengers have the support they need to win, and we are successful in districts across the country.”

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13) – Winning With Women of Color Chair

“Chairman Maloney has proven he’s committed to leading the DCCC in a way that better reflects the incredible diversity of our party. I’m excited to serve in this role and build on my long-standing work with Representation Matters to be a leader in the DCCC’s efforts to support and champion women of color candidates.”

Rep. Donald Norcross (NJ-01) – Labor Co-Chair 

“As an electrician by trade and someone whose top priorities in Congress have always included jobs, I’m honored to join with Rep. Scott and Chairman Maloney and help lead the DCCC’s efforts with organized labor. I’m committed to making sure the labor movement’s priorities continue to be heard by Democrats and incorporated into our priorities.”

Rep. Bobby Scott (VA-03) – Labor Co-Chair 

“The Democratic party is a party that works for the people, and that means uplifting hardworking Americans in the middle class and those fighting for organized labor. I’m honored to once again serve in this role and will continue working with Chairman Maloney to ensure the DCCC is recruiting and electing more pro-labor Democrats, so we can pass policies that offer workers and their families a more secure future.”

Rep. Sharice Davids (KS-03) – TEAM Co-Chair 

“House Democrats have a responsibility to the American people to continue providing the results they sent us to Congress to deliver, and we can only fulfill that responsibility by protecting our House majority. I’m looking forward to using my experience to work alongside Chairman Maloney and my colleagues on the critical job of expanding our majority and making sure Democrats head into the midterms strong and united for the people.”

Rep. Dan Kildee (MI-05) – TEAM Co-Chair 

“I’m excited to once again serve the DCCC in this role and help build on the success Democrats both in Congress and on the ground have achieved these past few years. Chairman Maloney has shown he’s committed to empowering our party at every level, and I’m ready to get to work on protecting a House Majority that has continued to deliver necessary relief for everyday Americans.”

Rep. Gwen Moore (WI-04) – TEAM Co-Chair 
“Our commitment to protecting access to the ballot, honoring the integrity of our democracy, and delivering for the American people could not be more important than at this moment in history. I’m thrilled to work alongside my colleagues to strengthen our operation and ensure the American people know that Democrats stand-ready to defend their right to vote and deliver on their family’s needs.”

Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D. (CA-36) – TEAM Co-Chair 

“As we recover from this devastating pandemic and move along the road of recovery, the American people are counting on us to focus on the needs of their families, by getting them back on the job, their children back in school, and fighting for their civil rights that are under attack every day in the country. Together, with my colleagues, we’re going to build campaigns that help us deliver on our promise to the American people and protect our Democratic House Majority.”



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