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DCCC Chair Rep. Maloney Announces Historic Building Our Base Project To Engage and Mobilize Voters of Color Earlier Than Ever

Historic $30 million investment reflects DCCC’s commitment to building a diverse and durable coalition that will power Democratic victories in 2022

Today, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney announced the launch of DCCC’s Building Our Base Project, the earliest-ever investment House Democrats have made to persuade, engage, and mobilize voters of color and key constituencies. 

Democrats know that relying on a GOTV strategy alone is not enough. This long-term strategy, with an initial investment of $30 million, will empower House Democrats’ efforts to further build stronger, genuine relationships with Black, Latino, and AAPI communities across the nation to help power Democratic victories in the midterms and beyond.

“Democrats know that defending our House majority will depend on our ability to build a diverse coalition of support and these early, meaningful investments will ensure that we are taking no community for granted and leaving no votes on the table,” said DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney. “Earlier than ever before, the Building our Base Project has already put Constituency Organizing Directors on the ground in key battlegrounds building genuine, culturally competent relationships, and laying the groundwork for sustained engagement with the communities who will power our victories in 2022 and beyond.”

Through unique outreach and engagement strategies, targeted research, and culturally competent communications driven by leaders from these communities, House Democrats are eagerly working to continue building a diverse and energized grassroots base.  

With so much at stake for communities of color in this next election, this investment will also help House Democrats draw a clear contrast with the threat that House Republicans present to the American people – particularly to people of color.

The program includes meaningful investments in:

  • Constituency Organizing and Community Engagement: Hiring local talent that understand how to best connect with their communities, building robust localized programs for early and sustained engagement, and developing offices to serve as community centers that will support the work of our 13 Constituency Organizing Directors.
  • Targeted Research and Polling: Unprecedented seven-figure investment in research and polling to enable us to better address the unique priorities of different constituencies and subgroups within these broader communities.
  • Early Paid Communications Aimed at Persuading Voters of Color: Launching micro-targeted ad campaigns to deliver tailored, localized messaging in-language and partnering with constituency and ethnic media outlets to ensure we’re meeting voters where they consume their content
  • Earned Media: Prioritizing outreach to TV, radio, digital, and print media outlets that focus on reaching Black, Latino, and AAPI audiences in order to uplift DCCC candidates and highlight how House Democrats have delivered for families of color.
  • Voter Protection and Education: Launching a Voter Protection Team earlier than ever before focused on building a national strategy to protect voting rights as well as investing in mobilization and voter education strategies to help voters, particularly voters of color, navigate GOP roadblocks to the ballot box.
  • Countering Disinformation: Developing strategies to combat disinformation efforts that have historically targeted marginalized groups and communities of color, including through social media platforms commonly used among voters within these communities.
  • Candidate Support and Campaign Integration: Working with targeted Congressional campaigns to provide strategic support, build surrogate plans, and offer other resources as needed to advance their community engagement efforts
  • Partner Outreach: Building strong relationships with allies, surrogates, similarly aligned groups, and grasstops leaders
  • Diverse Talent: From hiring diverse, local organizing talent on the ground to working with consultants of color, the Building Our Base project will be driven and led by individuals who identify with the communities we aim to engage.

The investment builds upon the DCCC’s previously announced historic seven-figure investment that placed 50 Senior Organizing directors and Senior Constituency Organizing Directors on the ground in key battleground regions across the country that are already making inroads with voters in diverse communities key to maintaining our Democratic majority.



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