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DCCC Chairman Rep. Maloney on Trump’s Latest Threat to Republicans

GOP braces for a turnout problem in midterm elections after Trump’s latest litmus test

In case anyone was still doubtful – the Republican Party has proven they’re still wholly owned by Donald Trump. The twice impeached former President issued a clear warning to his party: keep spreading lies about the 2020 election or lose his voters.

Every single Republican running for Congress will have to answer whether they agree that relitigating 2020 to protect the former President’s feelings is “the single most important thing” over delivering results for their districts.

As we’ve seen from past elections, Republicans’ toxic politics of lies and division fails to perform without their ringleader on the ballot. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer’s complete deference to Trump has left their caucus morally bankrupt, more extreme, and bracing for a midterm election failure.

“The Republican Party has made it very clear that blind loyalty to Donald Trump’s ego is the only principle they hold fast to,” said DCCC Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “While House Democrats will head into the midterms with a long list of accomplishments for the American people, the Republicans are hell bent on undermining our Democracy and COVID vaccines — needlessly hampering the recovery and costing American lives. Yesterday was just another reminder that Trump’s toxic rhetoric looks very different when he isn’t on the ballot.” 


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