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DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos Announces March Forward – The DCCC to Put Boots on the Ground Across the Country in First Major Field Investment of the 2020 Cycle

March Forward is a multi-million dollar program that will kick off with the hiring of nearly 60 grassroots organizers in dozens of communities across America.

Today, Chairwoman Cheri Bustos announced the DCCC is launching March Forward –an aggressive, multi-million dollar effort to defend and expand the new Democratic Majority.

March Forward begins with the hiring of nearly 60 grassroots organizers in dozens of communities across America.

These cornerstone hires in the DCCC’s first major field investment of the 2020 election cycle will lay the groundwork for a program that will take grassroots organizing to the next level. Expanding on the demonstrated success of March into ’18, these new March Forward Field Managers will be trained on communications, digital, research and field tactics so they can execute a modern campaign strategy.

With Democrats taking nothing for granted in 2020, March Forward is designed to engage our new Democratic coalition while bringing more Americans into the Democratic Party by working to earn support across the country, in big cities and small towns. This includes continuing the DCCC’s Cycle of Engagement with communities of color and voter registration drives.

In announcing March Forward, DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos outlined how this is an important step in the path to fortify and expand our Democratic Majority.

“As Democrats, we’ve always drawn our strength from the people we fight for each and every day – that’s why I’m so proud to announce that, in our first major investment of the 2020 cycle, we are launching March Forward to put boots on the ground in dozens of communities across America,” said DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos. “Whether it’s tackling the high cost of health care or fighting for fair wages, we believe in an America where everyone has the opportunity to succeed – this is what makes us Democrats. Our March Forward Field Managers will play a vital role in our work to not just defend, but expand our new Democratic majority. By organizing early and aggressively, we will March Forward to build a better future for all Americans by winning on the doors, online and on the ballot in 2020.”

Notable areas March Forward will have a presence include:




Orange County

Central Valley





Atlanta suburbs


Chicago’s Western Suburbs

Western IL


Indianapolis Suburbs


Des Moines

Cedar Rapids


Detroit Suburbs




Minneapolis Suburbs
Southern MN


Las Vegas Suburbs

New Jersey

North Jersey

South Jersey

New York

Upstate New York

Long Island

Staten Island


Philadelphia Suburbs & Harrisburg

Northeast Pennsylvania



Houston suburbs

Dallas suburbs

Austin suburbs

San Antonio suburbs


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