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DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos Statement on Joe Biden’s Election as President of the United States

“Today we know definitively that our nation will turn the page on four years of divisiveness, intolerance, and relentless attacks on the health care of everyday Americans. I am proud to say that a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives will be ready to do that work alongside the President our nation just elected, Joe Biden.

We are excited about this new chapter in our history and we know that President Biden will bring integrity, decency, and respect back to the White House.

There is no question that in 2020 Joe Biden was an invaluable asset in defending our Democratic House majority. Joe shares the values that are critical to so many communities in every corner of this country, including the one I’m from in Moline, Illinois.

Our nation is hurting right now, and I know this Democratic House majority is up to the work we have before us, alongside President Biden and Vice President Harris over the next four years. Together, we are going to bring long-needed change to Washington and to our country. Americans are grateful to have a leader like Joe Biden as we fight to protect and expand access to affordable, quality health care, put an end the COVID-19 pandemic, and deliver a government that the American people can be proud of.”



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