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DCCC Has Best Fundraising Quarter Ever – Raises $70.5M in Q3

Sets All-Time September Fundraising Record With $29.5M Haul

Today, the DCCC announced its best fundraising quarter in committee history – raising $70.5M between July and September. The committee closed that quarter with its best ever September – bringing in $29.5M for the month. The DCCC raised $48.8M through grassroots fundraising – $14 million more than it did in September of 2018. It’s average online donation was $22.

With record fundraising from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the DCCC has raised $278M during the 2020 cycle – $50M more than it had raised at this point in 2018. The committee also entered October with more than $64M cash on hand.

“House Republicans are scrambling to change the subject from their records in Washington that hurt everyday working Americans, and our grassroots supporters are letting those Republicans know they don’t take lightly those threats to their health, to their livelihoods, and to their futures,” DCCC Cheri Bustos said. “The DCCC raised more than $70 million in the third quarter and we’re using that money to reach deep into Trump territory.”

The DCCC is heavily investing in winning districts that President Trump carried in 2016.  The committee is currently running TV ads hitting Republicans in at least eight offensive districts that President Trump won by more than 10-points in 2016. Every one of the eight ads the DCCC IE launched on Monday hit Republicans on fighting to take away pre-existing conditions or siding with drug makers.

The DCCC entered September with $35M more cash on hand then the NRCC and outraised the NRCC by $57 million throughout the 2020 cycle. The DCCC’s fundraising lead builds on Democratic Frontliners 5-to-1 cash on hand advantage over their Republicans entering Q3. More than 30 Democratic challengers also outraised their Republican opponents in Q2.


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