DCCC IE Launches 12 Ads Hitting Republicans On Health Care And Corruption

The DCCC IE released 12 ads hitting Republicans for corruption and continuing to attack Americans’ health coverage during a deadly pandemic. The ad continues Democrats’ television onslaught against Republicans for fighting to eliminate protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions while taking campaign contributions from drug and insurance companies.

“House Republicans are putting the interests of their drug and insurance company donors over the economic wellbeing of the working families they swore they would represent. We’re not done reminding voters that Republicans and their special interest donors are on a crusade to take away their health coverage during a deadly pandemic,” said DCCC Spokesperson Robyn Patterson.


Tough Year” reminds Arkansas families that Hill has accepted $2.9 million in special interest money, then turned around and voted to give corporations billions in handouts.

Watch “Tough Year” Here


“Tough Year” Transcript

French Hill: “I’m French Hill…It’s been a tough year. “

VO: But not for him….his campaigns have taken $2.9 million in special interest money…

And he’s voted for a DC tax bill that gives billions in tax breaks to corporations.

But could raise taxes for the middle class.

Hill: “It’s been a tough year”

VO: But not for Him….he voted with those big corporations to keep coronavirus relief money secret.

While corporations snuck to the front of the line, Arkansas’ small businesses were forced to lay off workers
But French Hill is doing just fine.


Roads” shines a light on Rep. Don Young’s declining ability to help Alaskans following corruption issues that cost him his committee leadership position.


Watch “Roads” Here


“Roads” Transcript:

“For Don Young, the road has been long and bumpy…

Fined 60,000 dollars for ethics violations.

He was forced to step down from his leadership position due to corruption and scandal.

And Alaska lost $1 billion in transportation funding.

Even Republicans say he’s not a player anymore.

And over time, just like our roads, Don Young’s influence is wasting away.



Here’s the Thing” reminds Arizonans that Tiffany Shedd supported fully repealing the Affordable Care Act, an agenda that would eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions, institute an Age Tax for older Arizonans, and kick 50,000 people in her community off their health care.

Watch “Here’s the Thing” Here


“Here’s The Thing” Transcript

VO: What does Tiffany Shedd think about our health care?

Tiffany Shedd: “Well, and here’s the thing. You know, I think we could have repealed it immediately”
VO: Tiffany Shedd supported repeal efforts, which could

 Put people with pre-existing conditions at risk, strip away health care for nearly fifty thousand people in our community, and saddle older Americans with an age tax.

Shedd: “Repealed it immediately”
VO: Here’s the thing: Arizonans can’t trust Tiffany Shedd.


Whoa”, showcases Ashley Hinson’s own claim that not all Americans want health insurance combined with her support for a lawsuit that would do away with the entire Affordable Care Act — including its protections for 316,500 people in IA-01 with pre-existing conditions.

Watch “Whoa” Here


“Whoa” Transcript

NARRATOR: We work hard to make sure our families have health care. But Ashley Hinson said,

ASHLEY HINSON: I don’t think every American wants health insurance.


Ashley Hinson’s taken over seventy thousand from the insurance industry.

No wonder she’d support a lawsuit to take health care away from Iowans who need it the most.

Ashley Hinson: I don’t think every American wants health insurance.

NARRATOR: Ashley Hinson just doesn’t get it.


More Secrets,” shines a light on the many questions that Victoria Spartz doesn’t want to answer about her shady business dealings – including warnings from fellow Republicans that she couldn’t be trusted given her conflicts of interest.

Watch “More Secrets” Here

“More Secrets” Transcript:

Here we go again. 

More secrecy from Victoria Spartz.

Spartz was under fire from her fellow republicans…

…who warned she can’t be trusted.

Spartz has loaned her campaign over a million dollars so far.

But Spartz refused to answer simple questions about where that money came from.

Raising questions about more shady business deals…

…more conflicts of interests…

…and more secrets she could be hiding.

We’ve been warned.  We can’t trust Victoria Spartz.


Struggling” highlights trust fund-recipient Peter Meijer’s pledge to eliminate protections for Michiganders with pre-existing conditions.


“Struggling” Transcript

A lot of Michigan families are struggling.

But Peter Meijer has a fifty-million-dollar trust fund and doesn’t care about us.

Peter Meijer promised to “fully repeal” our health care protections, letting insurance companies “deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions” and charge older Americans five times more – an “age tax.”

That’s a lot of money for those of us who don’t have fifty-million-dollar trust funds.

Peter Meijer just doesn’t get it.


World” takes Congresswoman Ann Wagner to task for voting with her special interest allies who have given her campaign millions, while her net worth has grown by over four million dollars since she was first elected.


Watch “World” Here


“World” Transcript

This is Ann Wagner’s world…
Where her wealth increases by over 4 million dollars while in Congress.
Where she gets to vote for her own pay raise.
Where she voted to make taxpayers fund private jets and first class flights.
It’s a world where her campaigns got millions from special interests…more than almost anyone else in Congress
And she votes with them instead of Missouri.
It’s why the Post Dispatch says she “stinks of swamp politics”
And it’s why Missouri can’t pay for Wagner’s world anymore.


Now You Knowhighlights Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s vote against bipartisan legislation designed to lower prescription drug costs to protect his drug and insurance industry donors.

Watch “Now You Know” Here

“Now You Know” Transcript

NARRATOR: Next time you fill a prescription, remember this:
NEWS ANCHOR: Minnesota’s U.S. Congressman Jim Hagedorn says he will vote against lowering the cost of prescription drugs.
NARRATOR: That’s right. Hagedorn voted against the bipartisan bill to lower drug costs, and protected his drug and insurance industry donors instead.
He supported letting them charge an “age tax” on older Minnesotans too.
So if you ever wondered why this costs so much…
Now you know.


No Place” shines a spotlight on Zeldin’s putting politics ahead of Long Islanders’ health, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch “No Place” Here


“No Place” Transcript
As top experts warned of “dire consequences”
and Suffolk County cases surged
Lee Zeldin ignored it all
On Trump’s task force, he played politics with our safety
and pushed for reopening at the height of the pandemic.
Zeldin even voted to gut protections for [Long Islanders] with preexisting conditions
a plan that could have led to even more deaths during this pandemic.
A pandemic is no place for politics. And Congress is no place for Lee Zeldin.


 Biggest Risk” focuses on the Trump-Katko quid pro quo agenda of doling out favors like massive tax handouts to corporate special interests in exchange for millions in campaign contributions. All at the expense of Social Security and Medicare.

Watch “Biggest Risk” Here

“Biggest Risk” Transcript

In times like these, we can’t take risks like John Katko.
With Trump and Katko in Washington – politicians get campaign cash, and corporate special interests get favors and handouts.
And we feel the pain: higher taxes and drug costs, trillions in debt, and Social Security and Medicare threatened.
The biggest risk to our recovery? That with Trump and Katko in office, no one is looking out for Central New York.


 Your Moneylays out why voters in the Lowcountry can’t afford to trust politician Nancy Mace, using Mace’s own words about privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

 Watch “Your Money” Here

“Your Money” Trancript

VO: It’s your hard-earned money. So be real careful with it around politician Nancy Mace.
MACE: The biggest issue… with Social Security, with health care, Medicare, Medicaid is that we need to really look at privatizing a lot of these…
VO: Nancy Mace, for privatizing Social Security. And Medicare.
Your retirement savings? Wall Street’s piggy bank.
To them, that’s fancy, Nancy.
But to the Lowcountry, just low.
Can’t afford her. Can’t trust her. That’s politician Nancy Mace.


Get” reminds Texas voters that Rep. Chip Roy’s can’t be trusted with their health care after pocketing $130,000 from a special interest group that’s suing to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, and with it protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Watch “Get” Here



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