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DCCC Launches Ad Slamming Nicole Malliotakis as Lawsuit is Poised to Raise Costs and Kick New Yorkers Off Their Health Care

CEO of New York’s Largest Health Care Provider: Republican Lawsuit to End the ACA “A Gambit That Threatens Lives”

Today, the DCCC is launching an ad campaign asking Nicole Malliotakis where she stands on health care.

Last year, the Trump Administration made an ill-advised decision to no longer defend against a lawsuit that would gut protections for 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditionsexplode the cost of insurance premiums and out of pocket costs, and charge older Americans an “age tax” for their care.

And last month, the CEO of New York’s largest health care provider made clear just how stark the consequences of this lawsuit are for New Yorkers. Northwell Health’s Michael J. Dowling said of the lawsuit: this “continued effort to repeal the health law without a concrete replacement plan that provides equivalent coverage is a gambit that threatens lives. Sadly, there will be millions of victims if we continue down this dangerous path.

If this partisan lawsuit is successful, 24,000 people in NY-11 could lose their insurance, and countless others would face higher premiums and increased costs.

New York voters deserve more than silence from Nicole Malliotakis.

Which begs the question: does Nicole Malliotakis support this destructive lawsuit?

“Nicole Malliotakis hedged on vaccines for months and apparently plans to dodge other questions on health care,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “The people of NY-11 deserve to know if she’s with them or with Washington Republicans and big insurance companies.”

A similar ad will target Long Island Republicans, Lee Zeldin (NY-01) and Pete King (NY-02).


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