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DCCC Launches Ads Demanding Republicans Stand Up To Trump For An Affordable Coronavirus Vaccine

Ads in Spanish and English Target 7 Vulnerable Republicans Over HHS’ Refusal To Push For An Affordable Coronavirus Vaccine

Following the Trump Administration’s announcement that it would not work towards an affordable coronavirus vaccine because it might impact drug manufacturer profits, the DCCC launched a bi-lingual ad campaign demanding seven vulnerable Republicans stand up to President Trump to demand a vaccine that is affordable for all Americans, not just the wealthy.

The video ads, which will appear on Facebook, highlight Health and Human Services Secretary (and former drug manufacturer executive) Alex Azar’s statement that out of concern for the private sector, the Trump Administration would not pursue an affordable coronavirus vaccine.

“It’s disturbing that the Trump Administration is too concerned about drug manufacturers’ profits to even attempt to make an affordable vaccine for a virus that is rapidly spreading across the globe,” said DCCC Spokesperson Robyn Patterson. “Washington Republicans are already blocking bipartisan House-passed legislation to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. This virus is a threat to millions of Americans and House Republicans have an obligation to stand up to the White House and drug manufacturers by demanding they work to ensure a coronavirus vaccine is affordable for working families.”

The Trump Administration’s response to the coronavirus has earned bipartisan condemnation. On Tuesday, Republican Senator John Kennedy accused a top administration official of not giving “straight answers on the coronavirus.” Republican Senator Ron Johnson said the outbreak exposed “vulnerabilities” in our response to diseases.

Ads will run in the following districts:

NJ-02 – Van Drew
FL-15 – Spano  (English and Spanish)
FL-16 – Buchanan (English and Spanish)
WA-03 – Herrera Beutler
AZ-06 – Schweikert (English and Spanish)
MO-02 – Wagner
AK-AL – Young


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