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DCCC Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting House Republicans Who Have Sought To Outlaw IVF Nationwide

New billboards will be placed in eight competitive House districts hitting Republicans who have co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act

This week, the DCCC is launching a billboard campaign calling out Rep. Scott Perry and House Republicans in swing districts who have supported legislation that would outlaw IVF nationwide.

The five-figure buy – which will be run in static, digital, and mobile billboards throughout the month of April – targets eight politicians who have championed the Life at Conception Act, an extreme bill that would ban abortion and could outlaw in vitro fertilization nationwide.

These billboards will appear across the battlefield in the following congressional districts:

  • David Schweikert (AZ-01)

  • Mike Garcia (CA-27)

  • Michelle Steel (CA-45)

  • Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-01)

  • Don Bacon (NE-02)

  • Yvette Herrell (GOP Candidate and former Congresswoman, NM-02)

  • Scott Perry (PA-10)

  • Mayra Flores (GOP Candidate and former Congresswoman, TX-34)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will continue to hold vulnerable House Republicans who repeatedly attack fundamental rights accountable for their anti-freedom, anti-family, and anti-woman extremism.

DCCC Spokesperson Aidan Johnson:
“House Republicans will stop at nothing — including outlawing in vitro fertilization — to reach their ultimate goal: banning abortion and restricting reproductive rights nationwide. We will not let Americans forget that extreme House Republicans, including those who pretend to be moderates, continue to put politics over families by championing out-of-touch legislation that chips away at freedom.”



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