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DCCC Launches Campaign Holding Republicans Accountable for Supporting Predatory Lenders Over Our Troops

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today is launching a paid advertising campaign to hold several vulnerable House Republicans accountable for voting to delay critical protections for U.S. troops from predatory lenders. As these Republicans return home for this week’s congressional recess, they will be met with mailers and digital ads targeted to reach military impacted families in their districts, the same constituency that these members just voted against back in Washington.


Recently, a provision was inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act that would delay protections for U.S. troops from predatory lending schemes that have unfairly targeted service members. Shortly before leaving town for recess, committee members voted on an amendment to remove the delay from the bill and allow these crucial Department of Defense protections to proceed. The provision was dropped with bipartisan support, yet 30 Republicans still voted to keep it, prioritizing payday lenders and special interests over service members and their families.

The campaign targets six vulnerable Republicans who joined their colleagues in voting to delay credit protections for our troops:

  • Mike Coffman (CO-06)
  • Joe Heck (NV-03)
  • John Kline (MN-02)
  • Steve Knight (CA-25)
  • Tom MacArthur (NJ-03)
  • Martha McSally (AZ-02)

“The Republicans who voted to delay protecting our troops from predatory lenders have made it clear that they have the backs of payday lenders and special interests, rather than service members and their families,” said Matt Thornton of the DCCC. “Perhaps these Republicans thought they could get away with voting against our troops during a late-night committee markup, but we will be using this recess to call out their shamefully wrong priorities.”


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