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DCCC Launches Digital Ads After Chip Roy Blocks Disaster Relief for Millions of Americans

Ads will expose Congressman Roy’s sabotage of a bipartisan disaster relief bill to thousands of TX-21 voters

Today, after Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21) rounded out his month of bizarre political stunts by singlehandedly blocking a unanimous, bipartisan agreement on disaster relief, the DCCC launched a targeted advertising exposing Roy’s sabotage.

The ads will reach thousands of voters in Texas’ 21st Congressional District on Facebook and Instagram.

See the ad here:

“Congressman Roy just singlehandedly blocked a unanimous, bipartisan agreement on disaster relief,” DCCC Spokesperson Avery Jaffe said. “That’s a fitting close to a month where he stood on the side of drug companies overcharging Americans for their prescriptions and voted for higher taxes on Gold Star families. Every day Congressman Roy spends in Washington he turns more into a creature of the swamp, and the families in Texas he’s hurting need to know that.”

Roy’s actions today are a dagger in the heart to the millions of Americans who have been waiting months for this desperately-needed relief.

Despite barely winning his 2018 election and starting the 2020 cycle with very obvious vulnerabilities, Roy has repeatedly put political games in Washington ahead of the needs of families in Texas.


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