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DCCC Launches Digital Ads Reminding CA-10 Voters of Ted Howze’s Extreme Anti-Immigrant Record

Targeted Ads to Run in Both English and Spanish Across the Central Valley

Today, the DCCC announced the launch of a targeted digital ad buy in California’s 10th Congressional District, to highlight congressional candidate Ted Howze’s extreme and Trump-like views on immigration and protecting America’s DREAMers.

CA-10 is home to 10,000 DREAMers who contribute nearly $255 million to the Central Valley’s economy every year. The DACA program has allowed thousands of DREAMers – hardworking young men and women to attend college, contribute to our economy and become vital parts of our communities.

But just last year, Ted Howze said that those who didn’t register out of fear of deportation from the only home they have ever known and out of a desire to protect family and loved ones, should not be considered for a path to citizenship. Howze thinks these DREAMers are likely criminals.

Instead of working to protect young people brought here as children and raised as Americans in the Central Valley, Ted Howze demonizes them, assumes the worst and calls them criminals…Sound familiar?

“CA-10 is home to 10,000 DREAMers, the neighbors, classmates, friends, colleagues and future community leaders of the Central Valley. But when Ted Howze and Donald Trump look at them, they see criminals,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “Howze’s stance on DREAMers shows how out of step he is with the values of the Central Valley voters. It’s abundantly clear that with Howze’s extreme and Trumpian anti-immigrant views, he is no position to lead the Central Valley.”

The DCCC’s ads will start running today and will appear on Facebook in English and Spanish. The ads are targeted to the 10th District, ensuring that Central Valley voters are aware of Howze’s utter lack of understanding his own community.


Ted Howze Believed that DREAMers that Did Not Register for DACA Were Likely Criminals. “Howze said he believes that only those who registered for DACA should be eligible for citizenship. He said Dreamers who did not register should not be considered for a path to citizenship because they are likely criminals.” [Roll Call, 6/7/18]


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