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DCCC Launches Digital Ads Reminding CA-21 Voters That Rejected Congressman David Valadao Voted To Gut Their Health Care, Choosing Trump Over the Central Valley… Time and Again

Targeted Ads to Run in Both Spanish and English Across the Central Valley

Today, the DCCC announced the launch of a targeted digital ad buy in California’s 21st Congressional District. The ads highlight rejected Congressman David Valadao’s choice to side with President Trump 98% of the time while in Congress and his votes to strip health care coverage from over 60,000 of his constituents, including those with pre-existing conditions.

While in Congress, when Valadao wasn’t risking the health care coverage of 60,000 of his constituents, he was voting with President Trump 98% of the time, even to line the pockets of drug manufacturers. His actions prove he’s too extreme for the Central Valley, and it’s breathtaking that, even after being rejected just months ago, Valadao has the audacity to ask the voters of CA-21 for another opportunity to put his allegiance to President Trump before working people in the Central Valley.

“Rejected Congressman David Valadao will have to answer for his strict allegiance to Trump over the needs of Central Valley families from day one of this retread campaign,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “Valadao’s record is clear; he’s voted with Donald Trump 98% of the time, even when it meant eliminating health care for over 60,000 of his own constituents, and stripping away vital protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

The DCCC’s ads will start running today and will appear on Facebook in English and Spanish. The ads are targeted to the 21st District, ensuring that Central Valley voters are aware of Valadao’s utter lack of understanding and respecting the needs of his own community.


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