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DCCC Launches First of Its Kind Digital Information Hub For Voters, Creating Spanish Resources to Combat Disinformation

Resources will help build an online toolkit for Latino voters and highlight major Democratic accomplishments


This week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching Juntos Together, a first of its kind digital information hub containing dozens of English and Spanish language assets, sample social media posts, and digital tools to give Americans the necessary materials to highlight Democratic achievements online and combat dangerous right-wing disinformation.

The digital information hub, which lives directly on the DCCC website, offers voters – particularly Spanish-speaking voters – dozens of new digital assets to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Reddit as we head into the 2022 midterm elections. The hub will be regularly updated with tools and resources as House Democrats continue to deliver vital wins for the American people.

As Americans saw right-wing disinformation flood Spanish-language social media platforms in 2020, Juntos Together will help the DCCC fight back by giving Latino voters the power to counter disinformation and protect their communities online.

“Democrats are committed to building out a robust online infrastructure for voters to see and share the truth as right-wing media continue to blast out dangerous disinformation,” said DCCC Executive Director Tim Persico. “This online resource hub will give voters never-before-seen access to digital resources, and prioritize Spanish-speaking voters by offering critical tools to help them counter disinformation directed at their communities, and promote Democratic accomplishments.”

“Latino voters are integral to the Democratic Party’s coalition, and that means that Democrats need to engage early and often with our community,” said CHC BOLD PAC Executive Director Victoria McGroary. “We’re excited to see the DCCC find new ways to uplift resources for Latino voters and prove Democrats’ commitment to elevating issues that matter most to our communities.”

This early digital investment will be bolstered by the DCCC’s historic constituency organizing investments, as nearly 50 Organizing Directors and Constituency Organizing Directors across the country will highlight Juntos Together for minority voters on the ground in key districts that are crucial to Democrats keeping and expanding their majority.

You can view Juntos Together here and an English version of the site here.


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