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DCCC Launches Radio Ads Calling Out Poliquin’s Playing Politics With Maine Jobs, Businesses

Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a paid drive time radio advertising campaign in Bangor and Augusta highlighting Congressman Poliquin’s playing politics with Maine jobs and businesses by shamelessly opposing reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank. Despite calls from Maine business leaders for Poliquin to quit playing politics on this issue and bipartisan support across the state and the country – including every other member of the Maine delegation — Poliquin has again proven himself incapable of putting the needs of Mainers before Washington politics.

“Once again, Congressman Poliquin has shown he can’t be trusted to look out for the interests of Mainers – refusing to even listen to the needs of businesses in his own district,” said DCCC spokesman Jeb Fain. “Instead of joining Republicans and Democrats to reauthorize a program that helps Maine businesses export goods and supports jobs, Poliquin has made the choice to play politics with Maine’s economy – a fact we will be reminding voters of this week.”

Following is a script of the :15 second ad holding Poliquin accountable that will be airing in the Bangor and Augusta media markets this week.

The Export-Import Bank supports Maine jobs, but Congressman Poliquin let it expire. Senators Collins and King, and Congresswoman Pingree all support it, why doesn’t he? Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. The DCCC is responsible for the content of this advertising.


Poliquin Was The Only Member Of The Maine Delegation To Oppose The Reauthorization Of The Export-Import Bank. “The bank’s authorization ran out last month and there is an attempt to revive it in the Senate. Republican 2nd District Congressman Bruce Poliquin opposes  continuing the bank, saying it has been plagued by corruption. ‘I don’t think it is right in the name of economic growth for any government agency to resort to corruption and fraud, picking winners and losers and also putting the taxpayers on the hook for bailouts,’ Poliquin says. But the other three members of Maine’s congressional delegation, Republican Sen. Susan Collins, independent Sen. Angus King and Democratic 1st District Rep. Chellie Pingree, all support the bank.” [MPBN, 7/24/15]

In Rep. Poliquin’s District The Export-Import Bank Has Worked With 5 Exporters To Support $51 Million In Exports. In Rep. Poliquin’s district the Export-Import Bank has worked with 5 exporters to support $51 million in exports. [Export-Import Bank, ME-02 Stats, accessed 6/16/15]

The Export-Import Bank Has Supported 5 Small Businesses In Rep. Poliquin’s District. Five small businesses have worked with the Export-Import Bank in ME-02. [Export-Import Bank, ME-02 Stats, accessed 6/16/15]

In Maine, 15 Businesses Have Worked With The Export-Import Bank To Support $290 Million In Exports. In Maine, 15 exporters have worked with the Export-Import Bank to create jobs and improve the economy by supporting $290 million in exports. [Export-Import Bank, Maine Stats, accessed 6/16/15]


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