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DCCC Launches Spanish-Language Digital Ad Highlighting Curbelo’s Efforts to Undermine the DREAM Act

Given the serious allegations reported by Politico earlier this week that Republican Rep. Carlos Cureblo has been privately discouraging his Republican colleagues from supporting the bipartisan DREAM Act, the DCCC launched a Spanish-language digital ad campaign targeting Hispanic voters in Florida’s 26th Congressional District. Voters in Curbelo’s district who’ve set their Facebook language preferences to Spanish will see this ad, which will run through the end of the month.

The ad will help inform Curbelo’s constituents that he’s undermining a bipartisan solution to protect DREAMers and will prompt them to take action to hold Curbelo accountable for standing in the way of the DREAM Act.

Congressman Curbelo has been undermining the bipartisan DREAM Act for far too long,” said Javier Gamboa of the DCCC. “If Curbelo thinks that his two-faced politics and closed-door deals will fly, as families are being torn apart, he’s dead wrong. Make no mistake: South Florida voters will see right through Curbelo’s empty promises next time he’s asking for their vote.”




Carlos Curbelo is secretly standing in the way of the DREAM Act. He’s not on our side – and we must hold him accountable.

Carlos Curbelo está bloqueando el #DreamAct en secreto. Él no está de nuestro lado y debemos hacerlo rendir cuentas.


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