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DCCC Launches Spanish-Language Digital Ads Exposing Will Hurd’s Failure to Stand Up for Migrant Kids

Thousands of TX-23 voters will learn about Hurd’s failure to speak out for children who were stranded in a detention facility van

Today, the DCCC is launching its largest voter contact ad of the 2020 election cycle to date, exposing Congressman Will Hurd’s failure to stand up for migrant children who were left behind in a Texas detention facility van and failure to convince his party to take action against these kinds of abuses.

Earlier this month, the nation was shocked by an NBC News report revealing a botched effort by the Trump administration that left 37 migrant children stuck in a van “under the blistering Texas sun” – most for at least 23 hours.

And once again, like he always does, Congressman Hurd said nothing.

The ad, the committee’s first Spanish-language paid communication this cycle, will target thousands of Spanish-speaking voters on Facebook and Instagram across Texas’ 23rd congressional district.

See the ad here:


“¿Por qué el Congresista Hurd no ha abogado por los niños inmigrantes que han sido abandonados en camionetas?”

 Translation: “Why hasn’t Congressman Will Hurd spoken up for immigrant children left in vans?”

“Texans are outraged by the Trump administration’s cruel and inhumane policy of separating children from their families and there is a moral responsibility for elected officials to speak out when they see injustice across their communities,” DCCC Texas Senior Advisor Roger Garza said. “After 37 children were stuck in detention facility vans, Congressman Hurd should have spoken up. Instead, he hasn’t said a word and people across Texas need to know that.”


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