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DCCC Launches Tax Day Ad Campaign Targeting Congressman Jim Hagedorn

Taxpayers to Congressman Hagedorn: “Thanks for Nothing.”

While President Trump and Congressman Jim Hagedorn are spending today in Burnsville touting the GOP Tax Scam, the DCCC is launching an ad campaign on behalf of working Minnesotans telling Congressman Jim Hagedorn “thanks for nothing.” Because of the tax scam Hagedorn supported, WCCO reports that “Tens of thousands of Minnesotans are not only not getting a tax refund, they’re writing a check to the IRS.” Meanwhile, the tax overhaul has given billions back to the wealthiest Americans and aided corporations so radically that twice as many companies paid zero federal taxes last year.

“Tax Day is just another painful reminder that many everyday working people are paying higher taxes because Congressman Jim Hagedorn supported a giant handout to his special interest backers, paid for by hardworking families in Minnesota,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “The DCCC intends to make sure Minnesota voters know just who to thank for this tax scam: Congressman Hagedorn who puts handouts to special interests ahead of his constituents’ wallets.”

The DCCC will be running this ad to target Republican Members like Congressman Hagedorn whose districts have been heavily impacted by this tax scam. 


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