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DCCC Launches Unprecedented “MARCH INTO ‘18” Accountability Project in 20 Republican-held Districts

The DCCC will aggressively harness the energy on the ground & direct it towards defeating Republicans in 2018

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) today launched an unprecedented accountability project called “March into ‘18”. In order to harness the grassroots energy occurring across the country, and to immediately hold House Republicans  accountable, the DCCC is investing in state parties to hire full-time, local organizing staffers in 20 targeted districts across the country, including CA-10, CA-39, CA-49, CO-06, FL-26, IA-01, IL-06, KS-03, MN-02, MN-03, NE-02, NY-22, NY-24, PA-06, PA-07, PA-08, TX-07, TX-23, TX-32, and VA-02.

The launch of our ‘March into ‘18’ accountability project comes at a time of excitement and opportunity for Democrats. The organic strength of the women’s marches, Affordable Care Act rallies, and protests across the country provides further evidence that Democrats are on offense this cycle – and the DCCC is ready to capture that energy. 

“This is an unprecedented early investment in key Republican-held House districts, in order to engage voters and help make their voices heard. So many people are looking for ways to tell their stories, channel their energy and organize for change, and this project will help do just that,” said DCCC Chair Ben Ray Luján.



Early & Unprecedented Investment:

  • Earlier than ever, the DCCC is making on-the-ground investments in local state party infrastructure in order to help hire full-time organizers in 20 congressional districts beginning February 1st – less than two weeks after President Donald Trump’s Inauguration.
  • The DCCC will run targeted Twitter ads in the 20 districts, in order to connect with those who are interested in continuing their activism in these districts, or getting involved for the first time.
    • These ads will target those who have followed or tweeted about local Women’s Marches, ACA rallies, and other events.
    • The Twitter ads will also promote local events to people who otherwise might not know how to get involved.

Harness Backlash to GOP-Led Washington & Focus on 2018 Midterms:

  • The project will utilize on-the-ground and digital tactics to urge local activists to become supporters of the DCCC and focus their attention on House Republicans.
  • Organizers will focus on educating voters about the importance of the midterms in order to provide a check on Republicans, and give them the tools to register voters and turn out Democrats in 2018.

Mobilize & Train Local Supporters:

  • The project will have its own unique March into ’18 webpage and Facebook page so that supporters across the country can sign up and find out what is happening in districts close to where they live.
  • Organizers and volunteers will focus heavily on coalition building with local groups, allies and activists that are already mobilizing in these districts. These relationships and networks will create lasting infrastructure that will benefit House Democrats the entire cycle.
  • Organizers will train local residents how to:
    • Build events such as house parties and phone banks, among others, in order to hold Republicans accountable.
    • Organize protests and days of action related to issues that matter to them.
    • Promote their events via live-stream or by sharing photos and video on social media.


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