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DCCC Launches Unprecedented National Cable Ad Campaign Highlighting House Republicans’ Willingness to Back Trump & Put Party Over Country

*Similar Releases sent to targeted districts across the country*

As Trump Comes to Capitol Hill, Seven-Figure Ad Campaign Targets Independent Persuadable Women & Sets Out to Define Toxic Republican Brand

Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) one of 10 vulnerable incumbents nationwide with additional cable spots in his district

As Donald Trump visits House Republicans for a strategy session on Capitol Hill, Chairman Ben Ray Luján announced today that the DCCC is launching an unprecedented seven figure national advertising campaign to highlight the House Republicans repeatedly putting their Party over the good of their country in standing by Donald Trump. Just as the Conventions begin and general election voters truly start to engage, the Committee is taking this unprecedented step – earlier than ever before – to set the stage with two ads “Standards” and “Sidekick,” which target independent women across the country.

“Whether House Republicans stand with Donald Trump or refuse to stand up to him, the point is the same: they are putting their party over our country and have betrayed the values and standards that Americans hold dear. House Republicans like Erik Paulsen have allowed a man who freely attacks people and intentionally divides our nation to be their standard-bearer without lifting a finger to stop him,” said DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján. “As general election voters tune in with distress about the Republican party’s nominee, this ad campaign makes clear how unacceptable it is for these Republicans to fall in line with Donald Trump.” 

This national cable and digital advertising campaign aims to define the toxic Republican brand, demonstrate the House Republican putting their Party before the country by failing to stand up to Trump, and set the stage early before House races have engaged. The timing is key: these ads will start running Monday, July 11th through the Republican National Convention, and target independent women, 25+ years in age.

This ad campaign will be highly targeted to key demographics and will appear in homes across the country, on both national news networks and targeted programming.  It will be customized and targeted based on sophisticated targeting of persuadable voters. Voters in these districts, where Donald Trump is particularly toxic and where there is a well-funded incumbent, will see additional spots of the ad throughout their cable network.

Ten Districts/Markets with additional impressions:

  • Knight, CA-25: Los Angeles
  • Coffman, CO-06: Denver
  • Mica, FL-07: Orlando
  • Curbelo, FL-26: Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
  • Young, IA-03: Des Moines
  • Dold, IL-10: Chicago
  • Paulsen, MN-03: Minneapolis-St Paul
  • Katko, NY-24: Syracuse
  • Hurd, TX-23: San Antonio
  • Comstock, VA-10: Washington, DC

Over the last year and a half, House Republicans have repeatedly failed to stand up to Donald Trump at times that it mattered most. There has never been a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump is dangerous and ill-fit to be our Commander in Chief, yet House Republicans stood idly by as he marched – steadily and frighteningly – towards the Republican nomination. Now, he is the Republican Party’s standard bearer and every House Republican owns that, whether they support him, endorse him, or continue to hide from him when he visits their districts.

Click HERE to watch “Standards”

House Republicans who stand by Donald Trump are putting their party over the good of the country, and are blindly putting party loyalty before their values, morals and standards.

Click HERE to watch “Sidekick”

Like bystanders to the class yard bully, House Republicans’ inaction and participation further emboldens Trump to attack people, including Latinos, women, veterans, disabled people and so many other Americans.

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