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DCCC Offers to Fill NRCC’s Suspicious Packages with Food for Thanksgiving

The NRCC thought they were being so, so funny today when they dropped off empty boxes in front of Democrats’ Congressional offices. But instead of getting to spend the afternoon giggling about their funny prank, the NRCC staff managed to get themselves questioned by Capitol Police. Crazy, right? Who would EVER have considered that dropping off threatening and suspicious packages in the United States Capitol, could have created a serious security threat.

It’s clear the NRCC didn’t take the time to think this through, given the history of actual security threats inside the Capitol building.

So here’s our offer: if and when Capitol Police releases the NRCC staff, please ask them to bring those boxes over to our building. We’d be happy to use those boxes so that our staff can run a Thanksgiving food drive and turn your hilarious prank into a force for good.

DCCC Spokesperson Cole Leiter released the following statement:

“The DCCC would like to thank Capitol Police for keeping everybody safe today. Security is not a laughing matter and the work that law enforcement does is vital for Congress to function. Whether the NRCC takes us up on our offer to put those boxes to good use, or not, we’ll be holding a canned food drive within our staff to serve local Washingtonians in need. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and no one should have to worry about being able to feed their family during the holidays, or ever.”

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