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DCCC Posts Best Ever Off-Year June, Record Breaking Overall Q2 Fundraising

DCCC Heads Into Third Quarter Boosted By Strong First Half of Off-Year

Powered by months of early fundraising success, thanks to eager Democratic grassroots donors, the DCCC will again report a record-breaking fundraising haul. DCCC had its best off-year June, netting nearly $14.4 million and best Second Quarter in committee history, with nearly $36.5 million raised.

“Thanks to our Democratic Majority in Congress and Speaker Pelosi’s leadership, Americans are getting back on the job, crushing COVID-19, and receiving real economic relief,” said DCCC Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “While Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans prioritize extremism and lies, Democrats in Congress are working each day to continue uplifting the American people. Our strong fundraising success shows American voters are rejecting Republican extremism and know just how critical a Democratic House Majority is to protecting our democracy and delivering for American families.”

At the end of the second quarter, the DCCC heads into the second-half of the off-year debt free with more than $44 million cash on hand, nearly $19 million more than the DCCC held at this point in 2019.


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