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DCCC Releases New Ad Exposing Coffman for Supporting Trump

Watch the ad here

Today, Mike Coffman exposed how scared he is about his reelection chances when he released a desperate video attempting to cover up his support for Donald Trump. Notably, the video omitted the most important fact: Coffman said he would support Trump for president. Coffman should be afraid given the striking similarities between Coffman’s and Trump’s records and rhetoric. While the ad generated some attention on Twitter, it doesn’t appear to be airing widely in Denver as the campaign had led people to believe.

Unfortunately for Coffman, voters and journalists that have covered his career – and the eye-popping litany of offensive and anti-immigrant things that he has said and done – are not going to be duped into forgetting that Coffman is supporting Donald Trump for President.


“Congressman Coffman cannot run away from his support for Donald Trump,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “Mike Coffman stood by Trump while he denigrated women, mocked people with disabilities, and threatened our national security. Ultimately, it’s out-of-touch politicians like Mike Coffman that paved the way for Donald Trump – and we are not going to let Coloradans forget that.”

“IF” Transcript

V/O: Have you seen Mike Coffman’s TV ad?

Coffman: So if Donald Trump is the president, I’ll stand up to him. 

V/O: Wait, you’re the one who said you’d support him. Don’t let Mike Coffman get away with this gimmick. 

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