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DCCC Releases New Digital Ads Promoting Worker Rights in PRO Act

Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a five-figure digital ad campaign reminding America’s union workers that Democrats have fought to pass The PRO Act to protect the economic security of families. The ad will initially run across Democratic held districts in Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

“America’s union workers deserve the right to advocate for protections that secure families, provide for safety in the workplace, and level the playing field between business and workers,” said DCCC Spokesperson Chris Taylor. “House Democrats are squarely focused on securing the livelihood of American families.”

The PRO Act will level the playing field between business and union workers by protecting the right to organize and advocate for fair wages, and securing the economic futures of American families. As Americans prepare to get back to work, House Democrats are delivering on new protections that will boost workers and our families.

WATCH ‘Back To Work’ Ad

As our economy recovers from a devastating pandemic, 

Americans across the country are ready to get back to work.

But for too long, American workers have been left behind as wages have stagnated, and big corporations have threatened worker rights.

That’s why Democrats fought to pass the PRO Act to give hardworking Americans more of a say in our jobs, our economy, and our country’s future. 

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The PRO Act will ensure our economy works for every working American.


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