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DCCC Releases New TV Ad in NE-02: “Sold Out”

The DCCC released its first TV ad in the race for NE-02, “Sold Out,” highlighting Don Bacon’s record of siding with his corporate special interest donors at the expense of hardworking Nebraskans.

Since taking office, Bacon has accepted nearly half a million dollars from insurance and drug industries and has repeatedly done their bidding – voting to give corporations billions in tax breaks and gut protections for Nebraskans with pre-existing conditions, while voting against allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs.

The ad – the first to run in NE-02 from the DCCC IE – is airing in Omaha beginning today.

Sold Out


“What’s the price of bacon?

Insurance and drug industries have given nearly half a million dollars to Congressman Bacon’s campaigns.

And what did they get?

Bacon voted to give them billions in tax breaks.

Voted to gut protections for seven hundred thousand Nebraskans with pre-existing conditions…

And voted against letting Medicare negotiate lower prescription prices for seniors.

Congressman Bacon sold out. And we paid the price.”


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