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DCCC Slams Rep. Pete King’s “Screw Em” Comments Aimed at Democrats and Republicans Trying to Reopen the Government

Millions of tax refunds for hardworking Americans are at risk. The U.S. economy may lose billions of dollars in economic output. TSA agents are walking off the job, “posing a threat to passenger safety.” But rather than attempting to work across the aisle to find a solution, Representative Peter King is throwing fuel on the fire.

On Wednesday, several Republicans joined Democrats and voted to pass a bill to reopen the Treasury Department and the IRS. Not only was King not among them, but his only message to Democrats seeking to find common ground was a divisive and crude “screw em.”

“The only people Representative King is ‘screwing’ are his own constituents, who are sick and tired of this manufactured shutdown,” said DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske. “Instead of working across the aisle to find a solution to this self-inflicted wound, King is actively making the situation worse. Stripping billions of dollars out of the U.S. economy was bad enough already, but now Long Islanders need to worry about whether they’ll get their tax refunds on time because Pete King refuses to compromise. Rest assured, King’s screwed up priorities will be front and center next year at the ballot box.”

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