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DCCC Statement on Florida Bar Investigation into Spano

The hits just keep coming for embattled Congressman Ross Spano.

Already facing DOJ and House Ethics investigations, today it was confirmed that the Florida Bar is also looking into Spano’s campaign finance violations as potential grounds to disbar the longtime lawyer and soon to be one-term Congressman.

This news comes after he filed a Q4 FEC report announcing he’s already spent nearly $16,000 on one law firm and owes another over $22,000 in his effort to get out of his massive legal mess.

With Congressman Ross Spano spending nearly his entire time in Congress under investigation, voters in Florida’s 15th Congressional District have been left without any real representation in Congress and with no one fighting for their interests,” said DCCC spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Between the House Ethics Committee, Department of Justice, and now the Florida Bar, at this point is there anyone that hasn’t investigated Spano for his illegal behavior?”


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