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DCCC Statement on Mike Bost Running for Re-Election

After Rep. Mike Bost announced his re-election campaign by bragging about climbing the ladder in Washington and doubling down on Speaker Paul Ryan’s agenda to raise healthcare costs for working families and cut taxes for the wealthy and large corporations, DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters released the following statement:

“Career politician Rep. Mike Bost has always been most comfortable in Springfield and Washington, so it’s no surprise that he weighed the chance for two more years of taxpayer-funded salary and decided it was worth it as long as he can get closer with Speaker Paul Ryan,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “With no accomplishments from this do-nothing Congress, Bost’s only promise to voters was that he would continue pursuing the failed healthcare repeal effort that would rip coverage away from 37,900 of his own constituents and raise costs on seniors. At a time when the status quo isn’t working for so many families, Southern Illinois deserves a representative who is going to fight the Washington establishment, not defend it.”

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